Friday, October 10, 2008

Eisner Takes Shots @ Hulu & MySpace

I previously posted about a Veoh Networks event where Forrester unveiled research on How Online Video Engages Consumers.  At that same event, Michael Eisner "headlined" in an interview.  Yes, the Michael Eisner, former head of Disney, and current head of The Tornante Company which owns digital studio Vuguru - producer of web originals Prom Queen and Foreign Body.  

Here's some of what he had to say and my response (in italics):
  • Hulu may not represent the future of online video.  (Agreed but they have staked a rapid and growing claim around studio-produced TV content online.  Their ownership structure sure helps.  But more than than they have an attractive and very usable site).
  • MySpace is blowing a golden opportunity to dominate the space.  (I wonder if they know that?  Wonder how Facebook feels about the issue?"
  • Pre-roll ads are not the answer.  (Hallelujah!  But reality is that short (up to 15 seconds) pre-rolls are part of the answer - longer than that is annoying.)
  • And the Internet may eventually produce a hit series that reaches bigger audiences than TV ever has.  (Provocative upon initial read but basic logic would lead one to that conclusion.  If the Internet produces an audience that is larger than TV ever was and can spend marking $'s promoting a quality title in the manner that TV has, then it will happen).
While Eisner hasn't produced that monster web original hit yet, he is able to keep costs low for his shows by "hiring more waiters than anybody."  Those waiters are affordable because they are "non-union."  Good to know there may be job security for waiters in this economy, albeit at non-unionized, low wages.

Additional coverage of Eisner's interview:

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